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My tweets

  • Fri, 13:42: Home sick from work and this match so far is excellent for getting me bed rest - thanks guys! #FRA #GER
  • Fri, 17:25: So that's what it takes to get a card in this game. #BRAvsCOL
  • Fri, 17:26: The World Cup of Pinball RT @wicary: That was just a giant fucking mess in front of the Brazil net.
  • Fri, 17:43: That Cesar tackle could have been red but I think the ball had already gotten far enough away from the striker that it wasn't DOGSO. *shrug*
  • Fri, 20:40: It's rather ironic that after #BRA spent 90 minutes kicking the fuck out of #COL's star player, they lose their own to an awful injury.
  • Sat, 09:41: RT @24thminute: The idea of a Canadian in the final of Wimbledon was an absurd, insane laughable idea for most of my life. Take heart #CanM