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  • Thu, 12:24: I see this is the part of the play where we pretend that Anonymous has never botched a doxx and fingered an innocent person before.
  • Thu, 13:23: My lefty timeline is ENRAGED by @BarackObama's Ferguson speech but mostly I just feel sad, in that it's a reflection of the central... (1/3)
  • Thu, 13:25: ...tragedy of his presidency, in that he clearly wanted to govern as a conciliator for a sharply divided country, but did so by... (2/3)
  • Thu, 13:25: ...trying to please everyone, and in so doing, succeeded in pleasing no one.
  • Thu, 13:27: Can't say I would do differently if I were given power over 300 million people who don't all agree with me. This is why I don't want power.
  • Thu, 14:34: RT @ultrapeanut: Rand Paul is pulling that RONPAUL2012 stopped clock stunt where he says something eminently reasonable right before veerin…
  • Thu, 19:44: So yeah, about that guy Anonymous named as Michael Brown's killer? @usatoday paid that address a visit and, well: http://t.co/wXQHvtBsNn
  • Thu, 22:39: Testing out Spotify Canada. First thoughts: moving histories between streaming services is a colossal pain and I hope never to do it again.
  • Fri, 09:45: This retweet is an endorsement. https://t.co/2tSEGsXpFk