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My tweets

  • Thu, 13:06: RT @PoliahuCDA: Can we train reporters to not use social media response as a benchmark for anything?
  • Thu, 13:07: Everyone repeat after me. "Twitter is not a representative sample. Twitter is not a representative sample."
  • Thu, 17:47: RT @TPCarney: I'm predicting "Not Proven" #indyref
  • Thu, 23:57: RT @colbycosh: RT @Lord_Bob: "I can't believe our plan to form a country based off vague hope, lies, and fucking Braveheart couldn't comman…
  • Fri, 09:54: RT @fagstein: Yes it is. RT @clabrow: Netflix: "Though some interveners seem to think this proceeding is all about Netflix, it's not." #CRT
  • Fri, 10:05: The #TalkTV hashtag suddenly got FASCINATING this morning with Netflix's appearance. Hard to pull away but I've still got work to do...
  • Fri, 10:51: RT @mediamorphis: Think CDNs watching #TalkTV shld settle down re. #Netflix issue. CRTC is right to ask Qs & for real evidence. Not = to fo…