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  • Mon, 05:46: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Within Temptation (29), Winter In Eden (22) & Diabulus In Musica (21) #mm http://t.co/AE2U8zR4VS
  • Mon, 09:07: RT @bruce_arthur: It's always familiar and terrifying and adrenalizing when every single journalist in the country is talking about the exa…
  • Mon, 09:22: If you'd told me yesterday that Sun News Network would be the last English media that Quebecor kept hold of, I'd have thought you were high.
  • Mon, 10:03: RT @Scott_Gilmore: I can only assume Postmedia is financing this new tranche of debt through the Payday Loan shop on Slater St.
  • Mon, 10:04: RT @jesseltaylor: So, to conclude: I like playing videogames. But the idea that my entertainment takes precedence over literally anything e…
  • Mon, 11:55: RT @KarlreMarks: It's a weird world we live in when the Ayatollah and Western anti-consumerists sound exactly the same https://t.co/WKOl70W