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  • Wed, 16:47: RT @benjaminboles: I still can't shake the suspicion that this Sony hacker thing is just a viral marketing campaign for The Interview that …
  • Thu, 09:48: RT @InklessPW: My first phone call on Oct 22 was to my parents and I wasn't even a target. People trying to make hay with PM's call to his …
  • Thu, 09:48: RT @InklessPW: This is common in politics: people decide it's an outrage so-and-so is in office, then start declaring *everything they do* …
  • Thu, 09:48: RT @InklessPW: "He brushed his teeth? Well, HE WOULD, WOULDN'T HE."
  • Thu, 09:52: This retrospective on Empress Elisabeth of Austria was definitely worth a morning read: http://t.co/t132sKeL7W