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My tweets

  • Mon, 15:50: RT @Advil: the boyfriend/husband waiting bench outside of @sephora never disappoints. we're in this together men. http://t.co/tg3PDxKjgs
  • Mon, 17:32: RT @cbcnewsbc: There are so few people unemployed in northeastern B.C., that Statistics Canada won't reveal the count. http://t.co/uwp6zHME
  • Mon, 17:33: Fun game: guess which word can be removed from the previous RT without changing its truth value!
  • Tue, 08:16: Does someone good with time zones know when we can expect to know results from the Israeli election?
  • Tue, 08:41: RT @24thminute: Just like to make it clear: I'm, in no way, Irish. Nothing against the Irish people. Just not one of them. Happy Amateur Da…
  • Tue, 08:41: RT @davidakin: #CPC @LarryMillerMP makes headlines, telling niqab wearers “stay the hell where you came from” http://t.co/dD2Mir7B0J
  • Tue, 08:44: Does Jason Kenney drink? Because every day this niqab issue tempts #CPC MPs into dumb statements makes me think he should start. #cdnpoli
  • Tue, 08:47: I grew up out west and the only reason My Immigrant Parents ever voted Liberal was because Reform candidates couldn't quit the xenophobia.
  • Tue, 08:48: Kenney did yeoman's work over the past decade to try and fix this reputation and now his colleagues and boss are tossing dynamite at it.
  • Tue, 08:48: WHILE GIGGLING.
  • Tue, 09:02: RT @Jeopardy: Happy St. Maewyn's Day! Maewyn Succat had his name changed to #Patrick by Pope Celestine when he joined the priesthood. #StPa
  • Tue, 09:37: RT @guygavrielkay: TIGANA is the book of mine where readers all over have asked 'Were you writing about us?' Reveals, for me, a possible …
  • Tue, 09:45: RT @jesseltaylor: Internet Explorer retires next year, meaning that your work will finally upgrade to its replacement in 2019. http://t.co